Grasp Gardener: What could be taking place to this avocado tree

Grasp Gardener: What could be taking place to this avocado tree

Q: I believe our avocado tree has black streak illness and I must understand how unhealthy it’s and what to do. Is there anybody you’ll advocate to come back and take an excellent look? I’m in Oakland.

A: Avocado Black Streak signs embrace darkish, streaky discoloration on the trunk and underside of bigger branches of avocado timber. These streaks are typically accompanied by cankers that ooze sap. The sap will dry right into a white or brownish powder that washes off simply with water. The trunk discoloration may be simply in a number of small areas, or it may possibly cowl massive parts of the trunk.

If you happen to scrape the darkish a part of the trunk, you’ll discover reddish-brown diseased tissue slightly below the bark. This tissue may be scraped away, revealing seemingly wholesome plant tissue beneath. Don’t be fooled, although. A tree can succumb with only some lesions seen. This means that the lesions are solely a symptom of a extra systemic illness quite than the quick reason for the tree’s decline. 

Black streak was beforehand considered attributable to a virus, however current research recommend that it’s attributable to a number of fungal infections. The illness seems in timber which can be confused, particularly water stress or extra salts within the soil. It’s extra frequent in Guatemalan varieties which can be grown in California. Affected timber can decline both in a short time or very slowly. If you happen to’re fortunate, the tree can recuperate if the supply of stress is addressed and corrected.

If you happen to want skilled recommendation that’s particular to your space, I like to recommend contacting the cooperative extension workplace on your county.

Q: I feed the stray cats and different critters that come by. My downside are the rats. They eat my hanging vegetation and so they eat the highest of different vegetation. I can’t set poison out. I’ve set traps and caught a number of. I’m at my wits finish. My creeping Charlie and my Pothos each have been eaten final night time. Acquired any ideas?

A: Leaving meals out for prolonged durations of time can appeal to some undesirable clients. If you happen to solely wish to feed the cats, I recommend leaving the meals out for under a restricted time someday earlier than darkish. If you happen to put it out on the similar time each day, the cats will shortly study when dinnertime is and can make an look. As soon as they’ve eaten, take away any leftover meals and/or empty dishes. If you would like the cats to deal with your rat downside, feed them sufficient to maintain them round, however not a lot that they turn out to be overfed and lazy.

Rats are notoriously sensible, so trapping them generally is a problem. Snap traps are humane and environmentally pleasant, however they may study to keep away from them after some time. Electrocution traps are a bit dearer, however they’re humane and fairly efficient.

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