BUS A (Prospect) – 6:45 a.m. – N. Searsport Street, George Street, Clark Street, Ward Street, Clark Street, N. Searsport Street, Hatch Street, N. Searsport Street.

BUS B (Prospect) – 6:55 a.m. –Hawes Bridge Street, Route 1A to Frankfort City Line, Spout Hill Street, Route 1A South to Stockton Springs, Muskrat Farm Street, Blanket Lane, Route 174, Bowden Level, Route 174 to Route 1, Switzer Springs Street.

BUS C – 6:50 a.m. – Route 15 from City Farm Street North to Orrington City Line, Route 15 South to City Farm Street, to city web site, Bagley Ave., Thomas Avenue, Spofford Ave.

BUS D – 7:05 a.m. – Route 15 from Webber Tanks North to City Farm Street. City Farm Street to intersection of Silver Lake Street.

BUS E – 6:55 a.m. – Millvale Street from Route 15, Williams Pond Street, Silver Lake Street, Evergreen Drive, College Avenue, Summer time Avenue.

BUS F – 6:50 a.m. –Russell Hill Street, Millvale Street beginning Central Avenue intersection, Silver Lake Street to Cross Street, Cross Street, Millvale Street, Buck Estates, Forsythe Avenue to Central Avenue.

BUS G – 7:05a.m. – Jacob Buck Pond Street, Turkey Path Street, Central Avenue from Wooden’s Seafood, Race Course Street, Central Avenue to Forsythe.

BUS I – 6:50 a.m. – Moosehorn Drive, Church Street, Bucksmills Street from Orrington City Line to Millvale Street, together with Poverty Ridge Street.

BUS J (Verona Island) – 7:10 a.m. – Route 1 Verona Island to West Facet Drive, Mountain Street, West Facet Drive, Verona Park, East Facet Drive, Fundamental Avenue from Verona Bridge to Nicholson Avenue.

BUS L – 6:50 a.m. Nook of Duck Cove and Mast Hill, Duck Cove, Route 46 from Dedham city line to Route 1, Bayview Avenue, Nicholson Avenue, Park Apts.

BUS M – 7:00 a.m. down Pine Avenue, proper onto Fundamental Avenue, Franklin Avenue from Bagley Ave., MacDonald Avenue, Center Avenue Ext. Residences, MacDonald Avenue, Central from College to Fundamental St., Federal Avenue, Franklin St., College Avenue, Pond Avenue, Pine Avenue to colleges.

SECOND RUN AM – 7:30 Pine Avenue to Pond, Hincks Oak Avenue, Bridge Avenue; Franklin Avenue, Buck Avenue, Fundamental Avenue to Mechanic Avenue, Elm Avenue, then to colleges by way of Franklin Avenue.

ROUTE Q (Orland) – 6:45 a.m. – Acadia Hwy. Street to Higher Falls Street, Mast Hill Street, Bald Mountain Street, Johnson Street, Mark Ginn Street, Bald Mountain Street, Mast Hill Street, Higher Falls Street, Soper Street, Higher Falls.

ROUTE R (Orland) – 6:45 a.m. – Cedar Swamp Street, Again Ridge Street, Entrance Ridge Street, Dunbar Street, Gilpin Street, Castine Street to city line, flip round again to Gray Meadow Street, Castine Street to Acadia Hwy.

ROUTE S (Orland) – 6:55 a.m. – Wardwell Street, Gross Level, Leaches Level, Decrease Falls Street, Cross Street, College Home Street to Acadia Freeway.

ROUTE T (Orland) – 6:35 a.m.- Acadia Freeway to Toddy Pond Street, Acadia Hwy. to Mama Bear Street, Acadia Hwy. to Oak Hill, Acadia Hwy. to Fish Hatchery Street, Again Ridge Street to Acadia Hwy.

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