The 6 Levels Of The New World Order – To

The 6 Levels Of The New World Order – To

Dated four-plus years in the past…. The Kenyan King is gone, however we’re nearer right this moment that at any time in our life. Antifa, BLM, Impeachment, Gun-grab laws, MURDER by abortion and the kidnapping of kids by the likes of Epstein and plenty of others. Warfare is simply across the nook – each cozy little nook! ~ Ed.

Starting this yr, a conspiracy lengthy at work behind the scenes of our authorities, will make its first overt transfer. These conspirators plan to create a dictatorship in the US, droop our Structure and try to confiscate all weapons and firearms in American properties.

The latest govt actions of Obama are indicators of this being carried out.

Stage 1
Shall be to create “Civil Unrest” in main U.S. cities similar to New York, Chicago, Detroit, and so on.; This will probably be preceded by a month of subliminal programming by way of TV and different media to situation the folks for civil struggle in the US. Press releases launched by Time-Warner [a ROCKEFELLER corporation] and 5 different company owned media moguls will additional inflame the residents of the US and additional the causes of civil unrest.

Stage 2
Ought to be able to take impact this summer season. Particular brokers of the conspiracy, masquerading as police, might open hearth on American folks standing to defend the structure and their Constitutional Rights. Different brokers will set off incendiary bombs as they did not too long ago within the Occupy Motion.

Which basically was a “check case” that surpassed the expectations of the conspirators. These particular brokers, masquerading as police, bloodbath these Blacks and minorities and hearth at the actual policemen. This brings in additional police and the riots escalate. Inside metropolis gangs, already totally armed, be a part of within the fray. The actual police, vastly outnumbered, can’t deal with the rioting. The Nationwide Guard known as in and fired upon by [other] particular brokers masquerading as gang members, who additionally enlist different gang members to combat the police and nationwide guardsmen.

. . .

Stage 3
These riots proceed with many Individuals slaughtered in main cities. the Globalist plans which can be in impact, will usher within the U.N. “Peace Conserving ” Drive. Additionally, a rising variety of experiences of United Nations navy gear being seen passing by U.S. communities on trains, vehicles, and so on., have been surfacing in recent times.

There are various experiences of Nationwide Guardsmen working with U.N troops, present process specialised house-to-house search and seizure coaching and concrete warfare techniques. I used to be additionally informed that two males who managed to sneak right into a Federal navy aircraft ‘graveyard’ outdoors of Phoenix, Arizona had got here throughout a number of freight prepare box-cars wherein they found what they estimated to be from 2 to three million brand-new SHACKLES that had been apparently being saved there, simply ready for use!

President George Bush in a speech to Congress on SEPTEMBER 11, (9/11) 1990, SAID THIS: “[The war in Iraq is] a uncommon alternative to maneuver towards an historic interval of cooperation. Out of those troubled occasions…a New World Order can emerge.”

In his September 21, 1992 speech to the United Nations, President George Bush introduced that international troops, would occupy America and prepare for a New WorldOrder Military. He said:

Stage 4
If the riots take-over state of affairs didn’t materialize right into a Nationwide Emergency and a New World Order takeover at THAT time. The New World Order advocates will create one more disaster to additional there agenda. For some motive they’re determined to deliver concerning the New World Order takeover of the US of America, that’s positively their objective. If all else fails they might try an all-out United Nations invasion of the U.S., utilizing no matter potential means they will to “justify” such a “U.N. Operation.” Throughout later this yr the chaos continues and extra ‘UN’ troops pour into the US, principally mercenaries who’ve fought in Syria, Libya, African nations and different ‘sizzling spots’ beforehand. [The butchery of these troops is well documented].

Stage 5
Then a well-planned ‘crash’ of the inventory market will happen, a dramatic drop to at the very least 1500 on the DJ Industrial Common. Together with the crash of the U.S. Greenback. This occasion [is] deliberate to additional weaken, panic and confuse the inhabitants. Adopted by a failure within the U.S. meals chain supply system, meals shortages will observe.

Stage 6
…The Structure of the US is suspended and the folks are actually dwelling below martial regulation in a very FASCIST state. We’ve no manner of understanding that these items will occur [we hope and pray they do not], but when any of the above ought to happen, you’ll be able to relaxation assured the stability of this evil state of affairs will observe. Their two most important rapid objectives are to DISARM Americans and SUSPEND our Structure.

Written by Josey Wales for Earlier than It’s NEWS ~ March 28, 2016

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